Windshield Repair

On-site repair services in Harrisburg and surrounding areas in PA

A Windshield Repair is something that few people look forward to, but at Capital Auto Glass we aim to make the experience as easy as possible.

Our mobile windshield repair units can come to you anywhere in or around Harrisburg, PA. Unlike other glass shops in the area, we believe you should be able to get your vehicle's glass repaired on your schedule, not ours - that's why we provide our windshield repairs with free mobile service.

Having a chip or crack in your windshield can be more than just unsightly and annoying, it can also be dangerous. Most drivers don't realize that having a clear view of the road is one of the most important factors in safe driving. If your windshield has a crack, chip or other minor damage, you can often save money by having the windshield repair done instead of replacing the entire piece of glass.

Avoid these headaches with a windshield repair from Capital Auto Glass. Call us today to schedule an appointment, or send us an email here.


Free Windshield Repair? Yes!

Most insurance companies will waive deductibles to have a stone chip repaired if you carry comprehensive coverage on your policy. Give us a call with your insurance card handy and we'll contact your insurance company for you to find out if you qualify. Just a couple minutes on the phone with us may save you the money you would have ended up paying to have the windshield repaired or replaced.

Don't worry about your insurance company raising your rates because you filed a claim for a repair or windshield replacement. If you carry comprehensive coverage on your vehicle, they can NOT raise your rates for a glass claim only. You pay for it; you might as well use it!


The Windshield Repair Process

Repair for damaged windshields


Windshield repair doesn't actually remove any of the damage; it merely masks and strengthens it. A successful windshield repair involves cleaning the surface of all debris and foreign objects and then injecting a special resin into the damaged area. This resin is then put under a UV light (or just put out under the sun) to activate the curing agents in the resin. Once cured, the resin becomes crystal clear and is much less visible to the naked eye; however, it's important to understand that every repair will look different when the work is completed. Time passed and prolonged exposure to weather and dirt will make the repair more visible, so it's best to have the windshield repaired as soon as you notice damage.

Insist on Honest Windshield Repairs

Will a windshield repair make the damaged area invisible?

While a windshield repair will be less visible once the repair is completed, the purpose of the repair is to save the cost of replacing a windshield. Once filled properly, the damaged area of a repair will be stronger than it was before it was cracked. Some companies simply squirt a resin into the impact area and never fill the cracks; this completely nullifies the purpose of the repair. If all of the cracks aren't filled, it can still split and you will then need a replacement windshield. We always fill the repair area 100%. And we always give you a warranty on the repairs we complete for you. If you are not happy, or the repair does not pass inspection, we will give you full credit towards a replacement windshield.

Are long cracks on windshields repairable?

Yes, long cracks on windshields can be repaired; however, the truth is any damage that's larger than a quarter will not pass the Pennsylvania State Inspection. Companies that repair larger cracks will take your money knowing that you'll fail the inspection and come back to them for the replacement. This means you're spending more time and money that could have been avoided all together by having the windshield repaired right the first time.