Auto Glass Safety


We all know that the windshield and other auto glass in our vehicles keep out wind, rain and other annoyances while driving, but did you know that it actually has specific design elements that help keep you and your passengers safe?

It's true. Each auto manufacturer shapes and curves the windshield in specific ways that help ensure proper airbag deployment, and even keeps the roof from caving in if a roll-over accident occurs.


Selecting the Right Shop

Even when using your insurance for your new auto glass, you still have the right to choose which shop does the replacement or repair. When selecting a shop, be sure you're choosing one that implements the best practices set up by the Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC). This will ensure that the correct glass, correct urethane, and proper installation techniques will be employed during the installation of the new windshield or other auto glass.


The Importance of Windshields